Any school for expats in Paris?

Finding the right school in Paris (and Paris area) is at the heart of the concerns not only of expat families but also of french families returning to France .

The children may have experienced the joys of a different education system, highlighting the talents of each child and opening unsuspected horizons on extracurricular activities.

Integrating or re-integrating them into a purely French system is not always what families want to do.

Fortunately, Paris offers a range of sufficiently large school systems so that everyone will find something suitable.

The difficulty in obtaining places in some schools adds a degree of stress, which can be mitigated by anticipating the admissions processes and having fallback solutions.

The French Touch Properties team listens to you and helps you understand this transition.

They trust us


Ségolène Chambon

Ségolène Chambon

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Our School Package brings you support in 3 steps:

1/         A chat over the phone or in person 

  • An explanation of the different school systems in Paris
  • Defining wishes and needs in relation to the education plans of the parents
  • Evaluating and understanding of the profile of children in accordance with the nature of the educational project

2/         Study and recommendation of institutions

  • Presentation of a list of schools with detailed information such as fees, religions practised, number of pupils, results in national exams and extracurricular activities offered
  • Defining priorities and implementing a strategy

3/         Actions with the chosen institutions

  • Making contact with the institutions to begin the registration process
  • Tips to make sure your application is successful