We all initially came to live in London for 6 to 18 months and yet we are still here, happy Londoners and petrified at the idea of ​​leaving.

You may come to London by choice, in search of an exotic life, for a challenge or a change of scenery, or maybe for professional reasons.

Whatever your reasons may be for moving to London, French Touch Properties is here to make this adventure a happy experience and to pass on our passion for London to you!

It is an endearing city: to try it is to love it!

vivre à londres

With its 33 districts or boroughs, London offers a multitude of different atmospheres. We appreciate as much the buzz of Marylebone as the residential charm of Ealing. Every one of our consultants lives in a different district. This allows us to find for you not only a beautiful property but also to share our book of selected addresses we have personally enjoyed over the course of our lives in London.

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