You will be fully integrated into London and immersed into the English lifestyle the day you admit, with a smile on your lips, to adhering to all these English traditions!


  • Eat cheese after dessert when invited by chic English people and enjoy this sweet and savoury combination…
  • Look forward to the 4th season of Downtown Abbey… Quintessential England as we like it!
  • Treat yourself to Tea Time, a real mini dinner served at 5 pm.
  • Enjoy your Americano: An expresso diluted with hot water that will make you forget your desperately French espresso
  • Spend your weekends in B&Bs (Bed and Breakfast) in the beautiful English countryside, looking forward to the Full English breakfast experience
  • Listen with delight to your son claiming his favourite dish for Christmas Eve is baked beans… sign of a successful family integration!
  • Eat organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your home in a pretty little basket by Abel and Co.
  • Watch your children put on their uniform every morning to go to school
  • Drink fresh milk left on your doorstep by the milkman
  • Wear light and colourful clothes, whatever the season
  • Give birth without an epidural and… do it all again!
  • Survive a Christmas party, all dressed in sparkling party clothes
  • Have a pair of colourful Wellington boots in which you spend half of your winter weeks
  • And become a little royalist by enjoying your tea in a mug bearing the image of the Queen!

Warning! The French Touch consultants’ passion for London is contagious!

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