Buying in London with French Touch Properties

Becoming a homeowner in London is not easy and requires real expertise. The buying process is quite unique.

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That is why we are here to guide you and find the property that will be both your new Home Sweet Home and a great investment.

French Touch Properties offers a turnkey service that has proved itself through all our successful deals:

  • Search Analysis: feasibility of the project, market research in the different neighbourhoods selected
  • Advice on the process and on the legal and financial aspects
  • Preparation: connecting you with experts in areas such as loans or taxation and with competent lawyers
  • Pre-selection of properties and previews
  • Negotiation of the price, terms and conditions
  • Permanent communication between the various stakeholders in order to reach the “Exchange” as quickly as possible then leading to the “Completion”.
  • We organize the Survey and contact professionals for possible work on the house (architect, designer, decorator..)

Check out our case studies and call us if you want to join the homeowners’ club of London! We are there, at your side, helping you to take the step. We can even find you a tenant if you think of buying in London to rent.

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1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet

1 square foot = 0.09290304 square meters

Freehold: a property you buy completely including the land

Leasehold: a property you buy for a certain number of years (can be for 20, 100 or 1000 years!) because the land does not belong to you

Exchange of Contracts: in England and Wales (not in Scotland), this is the time when the buyer and seller are legally bound and it is at that time that the buyer must provide insurance for his property.

Completion: the moment you have your keys !! and you are the legal owner.

Mortgage: loan

Valuation: inspection of the property by the bank providing the loan in order to check if the value is sufficient to cover the amount of the loan

Ground Rent: annual amount payable for the leaseholder to freeholder

Vendor: the seller of the property you are buying

Buyer: the buyer

Solicitor: a lawyer who acts as a notary office (he takes care of the research on the property and makes the deal)

Tips to buy in London

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How can you identify future areas of London, which will develop and are good investments?

This is THE question that everyone asks:

What are the areas that will see their prices go up significantly in the coming years?

What are the areas that will change and become the new trendy areas of London?

A good example immediately comes to mind: Notting Hill.

Notting Hill was, in the 70’s, a very popular area which has gradually been adopted by celebrities and bankers to become today’s chic London.

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With population pressure, some London areas shall become real el dorados.

  • Most often property developers are responsible for the rebirth of a neighbourhood. After extensive study of the area and of its price evolution, developers buy up former industrial and public buildings (hospitals, garages, warehouses) and convert them into modern lofts housing type. These projects, which improve the quality of housing in the neighbourhood, are excellent indicators of the revival of the area and of future price increases.
  • The proximity of an already well successful area and the transport connections to central London are also good criteria. London continues to invest in public transport. The construction of “Crossrail” line between Maidenhead and Canary Wharf is planned for 2018 and will open up some areas of west London.
  • Large projects with the creation from scratch of a new district often trigger an increase in prices in the surrounding streets. The most interesting example is the industrial area of Nine Elms near Vauxhall that will become a residential area and home of the new American Embassy.
  • Finally, without studying the information regarding future residential projects, the easiest indicator is the number of houses being renovated, visible in the streets.

While walking in neighbourhoods, identify streets or houses and buildings undergoing major transformations. These streets are about to face change with new owners who invest in their property and enable the street to take in value.

To learn more about booming neighbourhoods, call French Touch Properties !

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