Initially concentrating on lettings, French Touch Properties’ success leads to its expansion into acquisitions and sales.

Purchasing a property is such an important investment. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, and irrespective of the type of property involved, buying can be very challenging. What price should you offer? What type of property will your budget afford? How far are you prepared to commute? What are the schools like? Which mortgage company and which solicitors will help you the most effectively? We have both the experience and knowledge to help you answer all of these questions and give you the insight you need to make your purchase smoothly and peacefully.

We advise a wide range of clients on property acquisition, whose all enjoy the large benefits of using a property consultant. Our clients trust us to get them professional advice and handle one of the most important aspects of their lives, buying their home, in the most efficient way. As a property consultant, we protect their interests, in the same way as an estate agent does for the vendor. The number of purchasers that ask property consultants to manage these stressful transactions rise increasingly. By doing so, they ensure they have access to expert and impartial advice, as well as support throughout the whole process which help them being more confident in their decisions.

We have the expertise to help you understand the buying process. Our knowledge and experience in the property market, combined with our long-lasting network can then provide a very helpful insight into your investment. Indeed, one added benefit of using our services is definitely the excellent relationship we have established with estate agents, who value our contribution to the home buying process and. Estate Agents know that a purchaser who retained a buying agent can seriously be taken as a potential purchaser and then give us priority information on their properties.

We oversee the entire process and guide you from search to completion, through advising on the appropriate strategy, sourcing and visiting the property to negotiating on your behalf to obtain the right price for the property.

We work on the basis of written instructions, so that we can assure the best possible service for our clients. Following an initial meeting in which we discuss in depth your requirements and expectations, we will decide a personalised strategy which includes an area orientation to concentrate the search as an overview of both properties and prices to target it. We then handle all the time-consuming searching on your behalf and locate the properties that deserve to be viewed. Our team of consultants is committed into satisfying our clients requirements in terms of location, price, architecture and internal configuration. Once your choice is made on a property, we manage the purchase arrangement and handle all that is required in the acquisition of your property. We help you to decide on the most appropriate price to offer depending on the estimated value of the property’s worth. French Touch Properties has access to essential market information which allows our clients to make more informed decisions in order to secure the property. We then negotiate on your behalf and liaise with all parties until the deal is satisfactorily completed. Additionally, we can recommend you a friendly and experienced professional adviser who could help you to secure your mortgage, and even assist you with appointing a solicitor.

For this service, a retaining fee is payable on instruction prior to the commencement of the search. This retaining fee is of course fully deductible from our final fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.

If you are interested to buy a property in London,do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to help you to take the step.