Understanding the options

State school system

Some people choose the English State School system which offers two major advantages: first the cost, since these schools are free and second, the total immersion in the English culture and the rapid learning of the English language. Children not only benefit from the exposure to another culture but also from the effort and attention of teachers in the development of each child according to his/her abilities and qualities. In the English education system, self-confidence is as important as academic knowledge. It may be difficult though to find places in good schools.

To put the odds in your favour, it’s vital to have a strategy. Your post code will determine, among other things, the list of schools for which you are able to apply.

Fee paying Schools

Fee paying Schools, also called Private Schools, provide the same educational advantages as the state schools, but prices are high, often on a par with private universities. The system is more elitist especially socially and it’s the reason why some English middle class families are ready to pay high prices to have their children there. Sports activities are also very developed and encouraged. These schools can also have strict admissions criteria, screening the child’s academic record as well as his/her extra-curricular activities.

State or fee paying schools? This will mainly depend on the quality of the state schools near you and as to whether they have places.

Important… applications for English State Schools are made on the website of the borough where you live in December of the year preceding the start of the child’s school year for Reception, and throughout the year for the other school years.

Other schools will have their own process and timing. It is imperative not to miss the deadlines otherwise your application might be rejected. In some cases, application dates vary depending on the age group, so you must consult the schools either directly or via their website and do it as soon as possible – one year or more in advance in some cases!

Whatever the case, Ségolène is at your side to guide you through the maze of options and put the odds in your favour of getting your first choice.

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