Let’s not beat around the bush; the news isn’t exactly uplifting at the moment. The conflicts in Israel and Ukraine add to the pessimism, inflation remains high, and interest rates hover between 5% and 6%.

Let’s go and explore Greenwich, an attractive area of east London that will charm you with its history, its cultural vibrancy, and quality of life.

In the heart of the London metropolis, a silent revolution is underway to combat air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If you own a property in England, you need to be aware of the new obligations that came into effect in 2023. The British government has decided to enhance transparency regarding the true ownership of properties located within its territory.

If you haven’t made your new year resolutions yet: here are tips from French Touch!

Every district has its own charm, and that’s what we like about London. Let’s head to the South East of the capital! Mathilde will help us discover Canada Water.

The French school in London “Jacques Prévert” reviewed by our consultant, Isaline, who has two children at the school.

After more than 20 years of sustained price growth with +10% a year on average, the property market has, since 2015, had to face one after the other, an historic increase in taxation, Brexit, Covid and now the war in Ukraine.

You came to London from Paris, for the second time, with your family, in 2020. We were delighted to find you a bright mews in Fitzrovia last summer. You had a lot of projects at the time, primarily to grow your business in the UK market.

We would love to know a little more about you and your ongoing projects!